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nyanko-chan [userpic]
November PANIC Update
by nyanko-chan (kechara_)
at November 7th, 2006 (08:40 am)

current mood: secretarial


~~~ Race Around Perth ~~~

It's time to kick ass and take names!! PANIC's Race Around Perth is finally here! For those of you who haven't heard about this event, the Race Around Perth is a footrace around Central Perth and Northbridge, loosely based around the Amazing Race. For those of you not fleet of foot, fear not! This Race is about brawn AND brains, and with the cryptic clues and crazy challenges, only one thing is definite - WACKY ANTICS!

This event is an all ages promotional event for PANIC, and is sponsored by Empire, Tim's White Dwarf Comics and Crumpler, so we're looking at some very very awesome prizes.

So get your friends together, and convince them to take up the challenge!!!

When: November 11th, 10:30am
Where: Starting at Central Park (Hay Street)
Cost: $20 per team for all Race expenses (2 people per team)

To register your team or for more information, email president@panic-wa.org, PM Lenoria_Lightbringer on the PANIC forums, or call 0411 476 576.

For discussion on our forums about the Race, please click here.

To look at last year's shennanigans (which may be beneficial if you want an idea of what may happen this year ;)) go here.

~~~ Wai-Con Pre-registration ~~~

Pre-registration for Wai-Con is now open, so hurry hurry and get those pre-registration applications in because there's only about a month to go till the Convention!

Pre-registration is cheaper than Day Registration prices, so make sure you remember to pre-register and save money! ^__^

JAFWA members:
Please note that you will get an additional $5 discount on pre-registration, ONLY when you sign up at JAFWA on the following dates: 25 November

The Wai-Con Registrar will be there on those dates to sign you up for these special prices.

For more information and pre-reg prices, please visit the Registration page on the Wai-Con website.

~~~ Calling for Volunteers! ~~~

Have some spare time and want to save some money on convention entry?

Please consider registering as a volunteer for the convention!

Volunteers get discounted entry to the convention ($15 for two days yay!) and all that you need to do is donate a few hours of your time to help ensure that everything at the Convention is running smoothly so that everyone can have the best possible convention experience possible.

Here are the areas that we are likely to need Volunteers in assisting with:

* Screening rooms (technical knowledge ++)
* Panels
* Competitions
o Cosplay
o Art
o Games
* Registration
* Doors and merchandise stalls

Signing up is easy too! Simply visit this page and download the word document (located under 'Sign me up!' ;)) and email it to president@panic-wa.org.

~~~ Wai-Con Competitions ~~~

For anyone planning to enter in the any of the competitions at the Convention this year, the rules for these are finally up on the competitons section of Wai-Con website.

We also hope to open up registration for the competitions soon, so look out for updates about that in the near future!


Send out the word to more people? *sparkly eyes* :D