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UWAnime's online clubroom

UWA's Anime Club
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2001 -- The new anime club is formed. Rootless, baseless, they do their best to take over the campus with little effect.
2002 -- UWAnime takes over the Reid Cafe, much to the consternation of the ducks and other university students looking for a free table. On the other hand, the cafe staff do a roaring business in coffee and food.
2003 -- UWAnime somehow manages to squeeze two computers, an old television, a few couches into a small clubroom. Forums are set up.
2004 -- UWAnime moves a corner of the clubroom shared with JAPSOC and Chinese Society. The corner slowly expands to the rest of the room with a bookshelf, couches, computer, television, magazine and books, a fridge and more.
2005 -- Having turned the UWAnime clubroom into Teh l337 hangout of choice, its denizens begin to take over Livejournal ...

1. Usual netiqutte applies. Remember, we all know each other in real life and if you annoy anyone you can expect physical retaliation at university the next day.
2. Requests to swap and borrow anime/manga are fine, however we do not provide a service for leechers or rude people.
3. Requests for homework help, entertainment, or distraction are welcome.
4. Don't give out anybody's personal contact information.

If you are or have been in UWAnime, you're welcome to join.

Community mods are _leareth and anarch_kitty. Any problems or suggestions please let us know.

For the fangirls and cats of the club >:P
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