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tsukineko [userpic]
Another event?
by tsukineko (nekomancy)
at November 30th, 2005 (10:42 pm)

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Hmmm thought about this, wondering if people are free next week evening sometime for ICE-SKATING!!!

Considering we've had our "FUN in the SUN" session to celebrate the beginning of the summer hols, there's now a need to chill in the month of December!

Event: Ice-Skating

Venue: Mirrabooka Ice-skating Rink

Date/Time: to be decided (preferably night session? it's more fun, with music lights etc.)

If you're interested in coming along, please leave a comment here ^___^ and I'll go about double checking no.s, prices $$$ etc.
Larger the group the cheaper it is. On a special events night sometimes sessions are charged just by per person rate incl. skate hire.

General price in past is around $10-15 ^____^ hopefully it'll be less. Those interested please raise paw or hand etc.

Anarch_Kitty [userpic]
UWAnime Beach Party Nov 2005
by Anarch_Kitty (anarch_kitty)
at November 30th, 2005 (07:40 pm)
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Photos from today!

UWAnime Beach Photos today!

And another set!

Leareth [userpic]
Pictorial evidence!
by Leareth (_leareth)
at November 30th, 2005 (06:25 pm)

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All righty, people -- who's got the photos from the beach today and where can we download them? :3

tsukineko [userpic]
by tsukineko (nekomancy)
at November 29th, 2005 (10:14 pm)

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FORECAST: Wednesday 30th November
Fine, partly cloudy. Moderate S/SE'ly winds freshening S/SW in the afternoon.

TEMPERATURES: Minimum: 13 Maximum: 22

We won't cook, we might chill tho... >_

j3ffu [userpic]
Beach outing on the 30th November
by j3ffu (j3ffu)
at November 29th, 2005 (09:06 pm)

Hi everyone, sorry bout the late notice, but i suppose that we should clarify it.

We'll be meeting at 10am at Trigg beach. Follow Nekomancy's instructions but instead we'll be meeting at the roundabout as opposed to turning right at the roundabout at the end of karrinyup road (cos parking is a bit of a bitch in that area). We'll meet there and pretty much work out where we're going from that point onwards. There is a park nearby with some parking and hopefully it wont be too packed. ^^

Refer to earlier posts for further information. This one is just mainly to clarify the meeting place.

tsukineko [userpic]
Beach Memories
by tsukineko (nekomancy)
at November 29th, 2005 (09:47 am)

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Ne, what better to have memories of the summer by going to the beach?

It'll be something out of an anime, a trip to the beach with mina! Eskies full of ice & drinks, beach umbrellas maybe a beach volleyball game? Bishes in broadshorts, chicks in bathers/bikinis!!!

What: Beach outing + picnic
- Bring your own beach towel, bathers, sunscreen etc. SLIP SLOP SLAP!
- Bring your own drinks (ummm alcohol is considered illegal in public consumption but... well guess if you're careful, I hold no responsibilities).
- Bring food? something to kind share with 1 or 2 ppl? If we all bring a little something we'll have enough snacks, and plus well there are places to buy food from along Trigg beach.

Note: There will be some basic amenities, but well not much so please if you can contribute something to share that will be great too! Confirm with me please. I shall stick around most of the day ^____^V.

When: Wednesday, 30th November. WHOLE DAY THING!!! Starting from 10am!!! hahaha for the early risers and the later committed kekeke

(a) Trigg Beach (Fwy North, exit @ Karringyup drive all the way down til see beach - round about turn right, find parking, search for group on beach near a round observation area).
(b) Ocean Reef, near to j3ffu's place - apparently it's very quiet up there.
[EDIT: ppl have indicated Ocean Reef as being very far away... so Trigg is ok if we can get a spot in early or something, but could get very busy... I'm assuming, coz I haven't gone there for a WHILE.]

Why: Everyone can do with some Vitamin D!!! Let's make some memories ^_~ ne?

# Anyone have a picnic / beach blanket / tarp?

Confirmed: those with * have vehicles (nibbles = unspecified food items as yet, if you have a preference to eating something specific, volunteer yourself to make it)
plarp - potato chips
* bakchoy - esky + ice, & soft drinks (2ltr Coke, Sprite & Solo)
* nekomancy - digital camera & water
* eirivan - cups & games
kechara_ - esky + ice, ham & cheese sandwiches; maybe the volley ball set etc.
* imyu - beach umbrellas / marquee thingy & sunscreen from club room; ice tea / chrysantheum tea?
* leareth_ - esky + ice, crackers & dip & salad.
* j3ffu - esky + ice, beach umbrella
* P-ch4n - egg sandwiches / fruit juice?

Tentatives: arriving around 1pm
starph0x - jelly?
anarch_kitty has work til lunch, then might come down for lunch with us all ^___^V will bring more ice.

Anarch_Kitty [userpic]
Birthdays all around
by Anarch_Kitty (anarch_kitty)
at November 22nd, 2005 (03:34 pm)

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Okay, people, listen up!

We want YOU, yes YOU, to be ready and available for a round of partying on:

When? 1 December, Thursday, 6.30pm

Where? St Catherine's College

Why? Well, duh, it's birthday time!

How? Pot-luck, and $5 per person (to be collected ahead of time if possible, for drinks, additional food, and er, the miscellaneous. >.> )

There are multiple birthdays coming up, so we're doing an all-in-one (aiyah, like all in one shampoo, you know?) party.

Invites coming out soon, so if you could rsvp when you get them, it would be highly appreciated! :)

Please see nekomancy, eirivan and anarch_kitty for top secret details.

tsukineko [userpic]
by tsukineko (nekomancy)
at November 21st, 2005 (11:36 pm)

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~~~ 1 ~~~

For all of you who are friends of Ceta and invites to joint birthday (imyu, shinto_kun & Ceta), end of year celebrations will be sent out shortly:
Please get 1 x A4 sheet of paper
Tag along a photo of either of you and Ceta or just you
AND a message to Ceta.

eirivan & I are going to help compile a photo album-ish thing for her birthday ^____^v This will be like her "compiled 21st Birthday file".

If you do not have a current photo of either yourself or of Ceta & you, please contact eirivan or anarch_kitty after the 23rd November.

If you are going to contribute a page, please leave a note here to let me know ^____^V thank you!!!

If you think you have pictures of Ceta (that we don't have) please also make those available to us? So we can add them in.

~~~ 2 ~~~

Beach Outing

Place: Trigg Beach (yet to fixate on a specific area, but there's a reefed cove that's not very "wavey" (or so I recall)

Date: Sometime next week (please indicate interest and availability times - this week doesn't sound too good for several people already, can do weekend but keep in mind it'll be populated)

Time: late afternoon so we won't get skin cancer!

- Bring your own towel, bathers, and perhaps huge beach towel / blanket
- Bring or help co-ordinate eskis for this?
- As for food? We can either chip in for like a subway catering for the time or have each person bring a little something (but that could go bad in the hot weather)

Don't forget:
- SLIP, SLOP, SLAP!!! (sunscreen will not be provided... you can however grovel & beg)

Suggestions and ideas are welcome. For both 1 & 2!!!

Anarch_Kitty [userpic]
Friday - Da Tav
by Anarch_Kitty (anarch_kitty)
at November 15th, 2005 (07:30 pm)

Ok, just a quick celebration thing, since nothing's been sorted out about a proper get-together.

Some of us were going to head to the tav after the morning exam and grab some food and beer. ;) Er, anyone here have an afternoon exam? >.>

So if you're in the clubroom or in uni around that time, come join us! Much hilarity - NOT guaranteed. :P But highly likely.

So who wants to come? And no, you don't have to drink if you don't want to... but it'll be fun anyway.

Edit: I just read kechara's post and realize that she already posted about a need for a celebrations of sorts... hehehe.

Edit 2: I can almost guarantee a dinner of some sorts being in the works afterwards too. There was talk about it in the clubroom today... :)

nyanko-chan [userpic]
Post-exam Doings
by nyanko-chan (kechara_)
at November 15th, 2005 (03:54 pm)

So.. i think we need a little celebration plannings in the works :P

Who's finished exams, who's still got some to go?

When are people free? Day/Night better?

Event suggestions called for :P

Who votes yae for ICECREAM CAKE? :o